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I was fortunate to have an experience early in my career that made me develop a resolve to help clients not only feel good about their outward appearance, but ultimately encourage them in whatever circumstance they find themselves.


To me, my job is an opportunity to provide a safe environment to encourage and build confidence in others.


"Something I value more than anything else is my faith, and the purpose it gives to my life."

My faith helps me feel grounded and at peace with who I am. Being able to share that with those around me is what I value most and believe is where true beauty comes from.


   Owner + Stylist     

Client love

Courtney K. 
Almond Blossom

"I never worry about whether or not I am going to love my hair when I leave. Aside from being an excellent stylist, Candace has also become a wonderful friend."

Shannon H. 

"She's simply the best - hands down!"

Almond Blossom
Carolyn D.

"My personal haircuts and color have always been phenomenal but the best is the fellowship I experience during our appointments."

A day in the life

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