To me, my job is an opportunity to create an environment, build relationship and be a safe place to encourage and build confidence in others.

"Something I value more than anything else is my faith, and the purpose it gives to my life."

It has helped me through so many challenging things and one thing I have learned in my interaction with people is that we all have something at any given moment that we are navigating our way through.


I was fortunate to have an experience early in my career that made me resolve a commitment to not just help clients feel good about their outward appearance, but ultimately encourage them in whatever circumstance they find themselves and help them feel grounded, beautiful and confident in the ways God has created them and purposed their life. 


   Owner + Stylist     

Courtney K. 

"I always feel relaxed and never rushed..."

Client love

Shannon H. 

"She's simply the best - hands down!"

Carolyn D. 

"...20 years and I have literally not gone to anyone else!"

A day in the life

406 South Main Street, Suite B

Livingston, MT 59047